Tools Every Electrician Should Own

Electricians, because of the nature of their work, need to have tools that will help them accomplish difficult procedures. Here are some equipment that every electrician should have.

  1. Flashlight

This device is a crucial tool even if the electrician is working in a location where flashlights are not necessarily required. It is good to have it on hand since there are specific situations where the user might need extra lighting to focus on the job. Pipes, conduits, wire boxes, outlets, and sockets often have darker interiors so a flashlight might come in handy when inspecting such components.

Electricians must not operate within small areas or just get hold of panels without correct lighting. There are flashlights available that are durable, sturdy yet lightweight and will supply sufficiently bright beams of lights perfect for those situations.

  1. Voltmeter

The voltmeter is another example of a helpful tool for electricians. This is a device that is capable of mearing the possible electrical variances between 2 points within an electric conduit. A good electrician will never presume the circuit that requires being operated on does not contain electricity circulating throughout. With the help of a voltmeter, the user can test out circuits and check if the circuits are live. The electrician can then correctly tackle the circuits and set up a good path to make the needed repairs depending on the voltmeter’s readings.

  1. Wire stripper

A quality pair of wire strippers is an essential piece in an electrician’s toolbox. Wire strippers are handheld devices that are small and has the same appearance as a scissor. It is employed to cut unbound insulation that wraps the wire without really cutting the cord. As soon as the insulation is taken away, leaving the wire exposed, the electrician can then link the wires to components like conductors, switches or any item that needs to operate through electrical circuits.

  1. Pliers

Pliers have several functions for electricians. It can be utilized for loosening or tightening, gives additional grip for users, can cut be used to cut wires, can be used to draw wires through correct areas, twist wires and more. Thus, this is something that electricians need to have on hand.

  1. Draw tape

Also known in the industry as fish tape, the draw tape is an equipment that electricians would employ to steer the guide strong for new wires by means of pipes, conduits or walls. It is a lengthy, slim band of medium carbon steel that is coiled and positioned on a reel. Due to its composition, it can adapt to the curves of a good range of conduits.

The draw tape functions by fastening an end of the guide string to the end of the tape. The tape is then driven through the conduit with the guide string fastened. As soon as the tape comes across the conduit’s end, the wires are then secured to the opposite end of the string. The electrician then pulls the string and route the wire through the conduit’s end.

Electricians can own a big number of devices required to accomplish projects through the years. The tools mentioned in this article are some of the essentials that electricians should focus on.


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