Some Ways You Can Conserve Energy

Electricity is very important to us. Just like food and water, electricity is used on a day to day basis. As the entire world uses energy in excesses, shortages and scarcity are looming to happen. It is, therefore, our duty as consumers to not only pay our bills but to likewise make sure that we’re preserving electricity when we can.


Here are two ways you can save power at home:

  1. Limit light use

If it’s the morning or afternoon, try to accustom yourself to using little or no lights as long as there’s a source of natural light streaming through windows and doors. Attics and basements are obviously exceptions but restrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms aren’t.

Also, there’s one thing people forget to turn off: outside lights. At night, as an added safety feature, we turn certain lights on especially over doors and porches. However, when daytime arrives, we forget to switch these lights off, leaving them wasting electricity all day.

  1. Unplug gadgets and appliances

Use extension wires for gadget and appliance choke points so you can simply yank one cord off before leaving that area at any point of the day. Even when they’re not running, plugged in appliances contribute to a fraction of our monthly bills. Not only is it a waste of money but electricity as well.

The two seasons we tend to abuse electricity is during summer and winter. Setting the house to an ambient temperature takes a lot of appliances running that it seems avoiding a hefty power bill is nothing but a dream.

Here are three suggestions for each of these seasons that could help you conserve electricity.


Summertime alternatives to stay cool:

  1. Take a cool shower during the afternoons. This helps your body cool down and take off that sticky summer feel.
  2. Open windows or stay in the ventilated areas of your house. This lets the breeze come in and help you to cool yourself down.
  3. Drink plenty of water and make use of ice. This helps you cool your body down and complete that eight glasses a day healthy habit.

Wintertime alternatives to stay warm:

  1. Wear wool socks and sweaters to keep warm. Those Christmas sweaters aren’t just there for the festivities after all. This allows you to keep warm, allowing you to lower the thermostat to a few degrees during the winter.
  2. If you have radiators, line the inside of the exterior wall with tinfoil. This will help keep you warm by reflecting some of the heat back into the house.
  3. If you have a chimney or fireplace, either use it or block it. Not blocking unused chimneys sucks the heat right out of your home and makes it a lot harder to keep things warm, so if you don’t use your chimney, it’s better to block it up with fireplace insulation.

There are lots of other ways you can employ to conserve energy. These are some of the more obvious ones but tend to be overlooked a lot. Electricity use is intentional. Unless you want to, you won’t be able to save energy unless you really intend to.


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