Pushing Printable Solar Panels for Cheaper Electricity Costs

With the cost of electricity constantly rising and coal mines rapidly declining, it’s not a surprise if people will want to look for cheaper means of obtaining power. Solar panels became a craze some years back, but not everyone could afford these silicon panels. Having them would be advantageous since they only need to be charged by the use of the sun but due to its expensive costs, most people could only afford so much.

Using Solar Power for Day to Day Living

Imagine, if we could use the sun to power our houses for a full day, we’d be able to save a day’s worth of electric bills. This makes living easier for most people who are in constant struggle to pay for bills. After all, one’s electric bill is just a part of a series of payables one has for every month.

Some countries have even adapted the idea of using these solar panels to bring about a more cost-effective way to obtain electricity. One of those countries who made use of this idea was China. By building a panda-shaped solar panel farm, they were able to harness the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity which is relatively cheaper than electricity produced from oil and coal mines.

Solar Technology is Cost-Effective

Putting to mind the need for cost-effectivity, scientists began experimenting on whether these solar cells could be obtained in a more wallet-friendly way. It was found out that the efficiency of printed solar panels as of the moment has just only reached ten percent which is considerably lower than silicon panels. But the studies have only begun, and there is still more room for improvement. As of now, researchers are currently looking for ways to make it more efficient with regards to its durability under changes in weather and also its lifespan.

Replacing the heavy solar panels, are paper-thin solar panels printed onto plastic films by the use of a specially made solar ink that contains solar cells needed for the absorption of light energy and its conversion into electricity. These flexible films can be placed on any surface of a house; may it be curtains, walls or roofs. The convenience that this innovation gives can certainly be considered as a breakthrough in the field of energy generation.

Solar Panels Can Cut Electricity Costs

Think about it. If people could have solar panels printed and placed all over their houses, the cost of electricity would significantly decrease. If proven to be successful, these printable solar panels can be capable of turning any surface of a house or building into a less costly generator. This would certainly be beneficial to those countries who are struggling with energy resources. So rather than using coal mines and oil to generate electricity, this would be one of the best alternative solutions.

Not only can it help people struggling with very costly electric bills, but also our environment. The world has become much polluted nowadays that sometimes even fresh air is hard to find. With this innovation, we can bring ourselves a step closer to a cleaner earth.


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