How to Use Your Clothes Dryer More Efficiently


Clothes dryers are one of the most helpful and essential household appliances one can own. However, when used regularly, they can consume a significant amount of energy which reflects on your monthly electric bill. How can you continue to use your handy clothes dryer and conserve energy while using it? Below are some tips you can apply to more efficiently use your clothes dryer.

Regularly remove lint from your dryer

Since clothes dryers work with heat and high humidity, garment lint will naturally accumulate in certain spots of your dryer. You need to regularly clean the lint out. Some drying units have a lint trap which conveniently “catches” and collects lint in a fine mesh. This allows you easy clean up by using a lint vacuum. It is advisable to do this regularly because clogged lint traps negatively affect your clothes dryer’s airflow, which results in higher energy consumption. In addition, accumulated lint can be a fire hazard.

Check the distance and placement of your clothes dryer’s exhaust duct hose

Too often, you will find household clothes dryers that are positioned too close to the wall. This limits the space for the dryer’s flexible exhaust duct hose, making it bend sharply near the back of the dryer. This can be a serious fire hazard because airflow is significantly slowed down in the bent area of the hose and lint can accumulate in that same spot. This slowing of exhaust airflow and lint buildup translates to increased energy consumption.

What you can do is purchase a dryer-to-duct connector, which eliminates bending or curving of the flexible exhaust duct hose. Another item you can buy to replace your flexible exhaust duct hose is a rigid metal alternative. The idea behind it is to avoid affecting airflow and lint buildup. These devices may incur you some costs at the start, but they will definitely generate electricity savings in the long run.

Protect your dryer’s exhaust ducts from critters and moisture

When your clothes dryer’s exhaust duct is kept open, critters and rodents can go inside your appliance. Those pests can leave their biological wastes inside your dryers and can mess with the electrical wiring found underneath your drying unit. These can likewise contribute to higher energy consumption. For prevention, you can purchase dryer vent kits from your regular hardware stores and attach them to the end of your dryer’s exhaust duct hose. These gadgets provide protective covers, meshes, and louvers that protect your dryer unit from outside elements such as insects, mice, and other nasty critters.

Another thing that you must consider is possible moisture buildup that can occur especially during winter season. Using this same suggested contraption, the protective cover also keeps temperature steady and stable even during the coldest of winters, avoiding any moisture buildup that can negatively affect the energy consumption of your clothes dryer.

Keeping your clothes dryer working efficiently is not as difficult as it sounds. If you follow the tips suggested above, you will definitely enjoy savings on your electricity bill as well as the extended life of your appliance.


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