Five Easy Ways to Cut-Back Energy at Home

At present, each one of us is affected by Global Warming. Simply defined, Global Warming is the rise of the world’s temperature.  This is due to an upsurge of various gases like Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. As common citizens, what can we contribute to reducing this global issue? For one, a simple step like conserving energy at home will go a long way.


Here are five easy ways to cut-back energy at home:


  1. Lower your cooling and heating bill

Do you want free heat? Open your windows during the day to bring in the sun. Make use of your comfortable blanket, warm socks, and a snug sweater rather than using the heater. During the night, turn down your thermostat and put into use those warm comforters on your bed. Meanwhile, using a ceiling fan will likewise bring significant airflow into the room. Remember to schedule a maintenance check of your cooling and heating system to maximize their proper use.

  1. Lessen your use of water heater

One smart way to save energy is to wash laundry using cold water. Another smart way is to shorten your showers. Are you fond of taking those 30-minute showers? Save water and reduce it to at least 10 or 15 minutes as a start. You might want to check if you are using an efficient water heater. If you are not, consider using a tankless hot water heater that is at best an energy saver. 

  1. Maximize your washer and dryer use

Check if your current machine is an energy efficient washer. A standard washing machine uses up to 40 gallons of water per load, but an energy efficient one can use a minimal 8 – 25 gallons of water per load. Keep in mind to maintain a laundry routine. You can dry several loads using a freshly heated dryer. Don’t forget to segregate your clothes and make sure to dry the same type of garments at the same time. Another natural option for drying clothes is line drying. If you have enough space for line drying, place a dryer rack outside and let your clothes dry under the sun. 

  1. Use lights as needed

As mentioned in the previous items, check if you are using energy-efficient lighting. If not, buy lights with the energy saving logos. Convert to compact fluorescent light bulbs or LED lights which use 75% less energy. At home, make it a habit of turning on lights as needed. 

  1. Make your refrigerator energy efficient

Keep up with the proper maintenance of your refrigerator. This will allow longer use of the appliance and result in energy efficiency. At home, check if your appliance is set to the correct temperature. Setting it a bit high or low will both result in a hefty energy bill. To make it energy efficient, remember to keep it full. When it’s full, there will be little air to cool but remember to avoid overfilling.

These simple steps that you can do at home will be a huge help in reducing your carbon footprint. In reducing this, you are minimizing Carbon Dioxide emitted in our atmosphere. Hence, decrease in pollution. Bear in mind that saving our planet is both a personal and social responsibility.


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